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Is Pretend Record Club a REAL record club?
Here’s how the club works:
Shawn Harris and Tim de Vil take turns producing one-another’s songs on the PRC podcast, in front of your very eyes, or ears actually, and then they press the song onto these thin, collectable plastic records called Flexi-Discs, and deliver them to your doorstep.

If the records and the club are real, then why do you call them “pretend”?
Flexi-discs are a weird, nearly forgotten media, that we have affectionately renamed “Pretend Records”.
We’re using them because they’re much faster to produce than regular vinyl, and we can print short runs (Issue #1 is a limited run of 115) more economically (under $20) than a more traditional format, like a 7” single.

So, what are Flexi-discs?
Flexis were originated by bootleggers distributing (illegal) pop music in communist Russia in the 1960’s. The record grooves were stamped on old X-Ray sheets that they called ”Bones”. Good name.

Can you tell me more about the lyric book?
Each “issue” consists of a flexi-disc single, and a lyric book full of visuals to accompany the song. It’s kind of like each song has its own zine. The zine for issue #1 is a 5.25” Risograph 2 color print (Florescent Orange & Aqua Inks) on Mohawk Via Vellum 70lb paper. And, yes, we were teenagers in the 90’s.

Can you ship overseas? 

Yes! But, with one caveat. Our form only accepts US data at the moment so we need you to setup your payment profile with us over the phone or via email. Send an email to with your address to get started, and await further instruction; it will involve a couple of steps so you'll have to bear with us. Shipping is more expensive, and we have to assess cost on a case by case basis.

Will I receive notification when new podcast episodes are released?

The best way to stay up to date on releases is to subscribe wherever you consume podcasts; we have links to the major podcast distributors setup on the 'Podcast' page for you. You can also sign up to Shawn’s email list here: which comes with its own perks.

What happened to Shawn’s old podcast “You Don’t Know Me”?
It turned into this idea for PRC— Shawn wanted to make collectable, non-digital music again, and also make the podcast free-to-listen.

How does one play a flexi-disc?​

Flexis play on your turntable like a normal record.

What if my flexi is skipping?

Try setting it on the face of a 12” record. Sometimes turntables have grooves or gaps on their faces that effect playback. If your record is still not cooperating, try placing a coin on all four corners, to weigh down the thin plastic while the record spins, creating a flat surface for the needle to traverse. Finally, if your flexi gets bent or starts to curl, try leaving it inside a heavy book for a day.​ 

How do I Update my Shipping Address?

If you move, you can click 'Update Shipping' here, or in the footer on any page (bottom right of your screen). This will setup a 'Shipping Address Update' email for you via your default email client; include the email address you used when you signed up and add your new shipping address to the body. You'll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours to let you know we've updated your shipping address.


If the 'Update Shipping' links fail for any reason, please simply send an email to with subject line: 'Update Shipping Address', and include the signup email address and new shipping address in the body.

How do I Update my Payment/Card Information?

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​Alternatively, you may call to update your card information at (530) 451-6515, but we much prefer to let our payment processing professionals at handle your sensitive card information.

How do I Cancel my Membership?

If you'd like to cancel your Pretend Record Club Membership, you can click 'Cancel' here, or in the footer on any page (bottom right of your screen). This will setup a 'Cancel' email for you via your default email client; make sure to fill in the email address you used when you signed up and we'll do the rest. You'll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours to let you know we've deleted your payment information from our payment gateway.


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